Technical Portfolio - Example Images



Depth of Field - Long

Long Depth of Field has a range of critical focus that covers the foreground, mid-ground & background

  long1 long2 long3

Depth of Field - Short

Short Depth of Field has a range of critical focus that covers only the mid-ground - leaving the foreground & background out of focus

  short1 short2 short3

Motion - Stop

Stop Motion uses a fast shutter speed to "freeze" the action

Generally it is best to choose a decisive moment for the course of the action

  stop1 stop2 stop3

Motion - Blur

Blurred Motion uses a slower shutter speed to accentuate the feeling of motion and causes image repetition, or blurring

Edges of the object in motion will be indistinct and there can be a ghosting effect

  blur3 blur2 blur1

Motion - Pan

Pan Motion occurs when the camera follows the arc of motion in a parallel path

The subject should be sharp and the background will appear as if it was 'pulled' across the scene

1/30 second shutter speed is best

  pan1 pan2 pan3

Light - Direct

Direct Light has a strong single light source that produces harsh edges and high contrast

In these examples, you see the light source but it is not necessary to show the source of the light - only the result

  direct1 direct2  

Light - Indirect

Indirect Light has 2 or more light sources illuminating the scene

Shadows may come from multiple directions and will have softer edges than with direct light

  indirect1 indirect2 indirect3

Light - Diffused

Diffused Light has a soft and even light source that surrounds the subject and fills in most of the shadows

Pre-dawn, post-dusk, fog and cloudy days are best for this type of light

  diffused2 diffused1  

Light - Silhouette

Silhouette Light has a backlit effect that will have a properly exposed background with a dark (underexposed) foreground object

The subject should be between the photographer and the light source

  silh1 silh2