Communication Portfolio - Example Images




Features are stories that generally do not have any “news” value. A feature photograph maintains an element of human interest that is not dependent upon the immediacy of the event. They often record commonplace moments in everyday life that strike a chord with the viewer. Features also can develop as a sideline to a “news” story, add an element of humanity to a tragic event, or even commemorate a normal occurrence like the changing of seasons.

It's very important that a feature photograph should tell it’s own strong story and be able to stand-alone without the use of supporting text.

This photograph must be shot and edited as a full color image.




Editorial / Illustration

Issue Ad (Editorial) images represent a strong viewpoint, rather than a simple objective image.

Photo Illustration images allow the photographer to create or 'set-up' a scenario. They also allow for manipulation of the image(s) and for multiple image to be ‘collaged’ together. A representation of reality is not necessarily important for this type of image – the CONCEPT behind the image should be the driving force.

While one would not have to use photo illustration to create a good editorial image, or vise-versa, they can be very powerful concepts when used together.

You must create an editorial image that utilizes the principles of photographic illustration.

It's very important that the viewer can grasp the intent of your image without having to analyze it extensively - in other words - the intent should be immediately clear.